Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Treasure State Resource v. EPA

<> Treasure State Resource v. EPA - 11/3/15. In the U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, Case No. 13-1263, consolidated with 13-1264, 14-1093, 14-1164. Each of the two petitioners now before us, Treasure State Resource Industry Association and United States Steel Corporation, challenges one of these 29 designations (not meeting its new SO2 standards): the Association attacks the one for part of Yellowstone County, Montana, and U.S. Steel challenges the one for part of Wayne County, Michigan. Each sought reconsideration by EPA, unsuccessfully.
     The Appeals Court rules, "We deny the petitions for review. Except insofar as both are attacks on EPA's August 2013 designations with respect to the 2010 SO2 NAAQS, the two claims have virtually nothing in common. . ."

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