Monday, August 31, 2009

Kennedy Bldg. Assoc. v. CBS Corp.

Aug 18: In the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, Case No. 07-3622. According to a court summary the district court's order finding that CBS has substantially complied with the remediation requirements imposed upon it was consistent with this court's mandate, and it did not abuse its discretion in determining that no further relief was required by the provisions of the injunction previously entered in the case. The district court was without authority under the mandate to increase the bond in the case; Kennedy's Rule 60(b)(2) motion to increase the bond was untimely.

The mandate did not preclude the district court from considering Kennedy's claim for response costs and as the court cannot determine whether the district court denied the motion on the merits or because it believed the request was outside the scope of the mandate, and the matter was remanded for further proceedings. In its final ruling the Appeals Court said, ". . .we affirm the order of the district court modifying the MERA [Minnesota Environmental Rights Act] injunction and denying Kennedy’s motion to increase the bond. We remand this case for clarification of the district court’s order denying Kennedy’s request for response costs." The Appeals Court said, ". . .we direct that the district court make the appropriate findings: (1) Which, if any, of Kennedy’s claimed response costs are compensable; and (2) The amount of money damages, if any, to which Kennedy is entitled."

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