Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ohio River Valley v. Green Valley Coal Co.

Dec 19: In the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit, Case No. 06-1475. Green Valley Coal Company (Green Valley) appealed the award of attorney fees in a citizen suit brought under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA or the Act). Initially, three environmental organizations, Ohio River Valley Environmental Coalition, Inc., Hominy Creek Preservation Association, Inc., and Citizens Coal Council (collectively, OVEC), sued the Director of the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection (the state agency) to mandate changes in the way the agency enforces its regulatory program under SMCRA.

In its complaint against the state agency, OVEC alleged that certain mining permit applications filed by Green Valley were deficient, and Green Valley intervened to defend the validity of its applications. The district court issued a preliminary injunction enjoining the State agency from approving one of Green Valley’s applications, though the injunction was later dissolved as moot after Green Valley withdrew the application. Later, OVEC filed supplemental claims against Green Valley in this litigation and a citizen complaint in the administrative arena, alleging SMCRA violations at one of Green Valley’s mining sites. Partly as a result of OVEC’s efforts, Green Valley took remedial actions at the site, which led OVEC to dismiss its claims voluntarily. OVEC ultimately moved for an award of attorney fees under SMCRA’s fee-shifting provision. The district court made a fee award that included prejudgment interest.

The Appeals Court affirmed the fee award with respect to the preliminary injunction phase (phase one) of the litigation. However, it vacated the fee award with respect to the supplemental claims phase (phase two) because that award included fees for OVEC’s efforts in the administrative arena, and fees for these efforts are not recoverable under the act. The Appeals Court said, "On remand the district court may reconsider, in light of the applicable standard, whether a fee award is appropriate for OVEC’s efforts in phase two of the litigation. We also affirm the award of prejudgment interest but vacate and remand to allow the district court to correct an apparent miscalculation."

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